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K.J. Dillon hit with $16,000+ restaurant tab

NFL rookies sometimes have it tough as their veteran teammates welcome them to the league, just ask Houston’s K.J. Dillon.

Dillon suffered a season-ending injury for the Texans in Week 5, but that hasn’t stopped the rookie from being hazed.

*Editor’s Note: The tweet has been deleted since the time this was published.

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Karl Joseph saddened by not playing against K.J. Dillon on Monday Night Football

It almost happened. If not for a torn ACL suffered by Texans’ rookie safety K.J. Dillon in Week 6, we would have seen WVU’s starting safety duo from each other square off against each other this week on Monday Night Football.

Karl Joseph, taken 14th overall by the Oakland Raiders in this year’s NFL Draft had to wait a few days to hear the name of his teammate called by Houston. The Texans drafted Dillon in the fifth round.

After some early season injuries to Houston safeties, the team called upon Dillon for more playing time. And he was playing well until going down with the season-ending injury against Indianapolis.

This Monday, the Raiders and Texans meet in Mexico City on Monday Night Football. While Dillon’s recovery is going well, Joseph is sad that he will miss out on seeing his old teammate lined up across the field.

“It’s sad that it happened,” Joseph said. “I was definitely looking forward to playing him.”

Joseph can of course sympathize after having his senior season at WVU cut short with the same injury. Joseph has spoken with Dillon and offered encouragement.

“He’s in a good mindset,” Joseph said. “I know he’s getting ready to attack it and come back strong. I have definitely tried to give him advice given that I just went through it. I know how tough it can be, and how much work goes into it. But I’m looking forward to seeing him back strong as ever.”