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Since the day he first laced them up at WVU in 2007, John Flowers has always been a fan favorite.

Whether it was doing an Irish step dance after a big win, or being featured on the “dougie” cam when he returned as an alumni and as a fan, Mountaineer fans have always had a special place in their hearts for Flowers.

This year, playing for JL Bourge in the France LNB Pro A league, despite a 2-14 record, Flowers remains a fan favorite for the same reasons he did during his time in Morgantown.

“I play hard with a lot of enthusiasm,” Flowers said. “I bring a lot energy to the game.”

Flowers is in his second season with JL Bourge, the defending champions in LNB Pro A.

Despite his team’s poor record, Flowers is putting up impressive numbers, leading the team in scoring with 13.9 points per game while shooting 47 percent from the field. Flowers is also third on the team averaging 4.7 rebounds per night and adding 2.0 assists per contest.

On the defensive end of the floor, the 6-foot 7 Waldorf, Maryland native is playing like a true Bob Huggins player, tying for the team lead in blocks and steals with 0.9 and 1.1, respectively.

While he was not always known for his offense during his playing days with WVU, Flowers has taken on more of an offense role playing overseas.

“I have more of a scoring role overseas than I did in college,” Flowers explained. “Coming in and being able to shoot more and being able to score.”

Flowers described that confidence is the key to his success in his new role and playing style at this point in his career.

“I could always score the ball, but basically you just have to have more confidence playing overseas,” he said. “Being able to know what you can do, being able to step on the court and being confident that you can make shots and create shots. It’s all about confidence, I think.”

John Flowers was always a fan favorite in his time at WVU. photo via

John Flowers was always a fan favorite in his time at WVU.
photo via

The style of play for Bourge is helping Flowers play well and put up the numbers that he is, to which he credits the play of his teammates.

“With this team most of the time  basically I’m playing off of other players, getting assists and stuff like that instead of spot up jump shots,” he said. “Sometimes I have to create. Like the last two games we’ve played without a point guard so basically I just try and create for myself.

“It’s a structured offense, calling set plays every time down the floor and you’ve just got to make the shots that you get.”

Flowers is happy playing with Bourge, after saying that he had some issues in the time with Denain, his previous team in France, even though, as usual, he was a fan favorite.

“With Denain I was going through a lot of stuff with the team and program and stuff, especially in the later half of the season; I like this team better,” he said. “We won the championship last year, so it’s a lot better.”

Bourge has struggled this year, losing a lot of close games, but Flowers is confident that by playing four quarters as hard as they can the defending champs can turn it around.

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