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After nearly six years of covering WVU’s pro athletes as WVUPros, we are changing our name to College2NFLPros.

If you have seen our new site here over the past month, then you have seen that we’re doing things differently. That is, more curated links to articles with news and info about your favorite players and less original articles from us. As we move in a different direction, we are going to expand the number of schools we cover for football to encompass the Power 5 conferences.

This may be a shock to you. You may be appalled, upset, or angry. I understand that. Nobody likes change. This was a very difficult decision for me to make. But the fact is that as we have moved through this current decade my life has changed. I now own a business, written a third novel, writing another, and my wife and I are about to welcome our first child into this world. I simply don’t have the time to devote to writing 1-3 articles per day for WVUPros like I did in the beginning. My staff is made up of mostly WVU alumni, and they too have seen their time taken up more and more by their professional lives.

I had thought about just signing off and walking away from WVUPros.

I discussed that with a close friend of mine (a non-WVU fan) and he game me the idea that became this website. This new content discovery platform will allow you to read a much more news concerning your favorite WVU players than what I could ever do before along with the occasional article written by myself or one from my staff of writers.

Yes, you will see articles about players from other schools in other conferences.

But fear not. We will still have a HEAVY focus on WVU. I know why most of you follow us, and I definitely want to keep you as happy as I can. News about WVUPros is something that still greatly interests me, so of course I’ll be interested to read and share as much as I can.

With that in mind, I encourage you to join our original WVUPros Group on Facebook. Before there was a Facebook Page or Twitter account for WVUPros, there was a Group. I will not change the name of that Group. If Facebook isn’t your thing, then follow me on Twitter. Every article about WVUPros that we publish will be shared in that group or I will share on my personal Twitter account. Join or follow either, and you’ll be notified when an article about a Mountaineer is posted. Also, bookmark the West Virginia Mountaineers page on this website as it will be updated with WVUPros news and players on NFL rosters on a daily basis.

What about the basketball players? This site will focus on NFL only. I will share news with the Facebook Group about Mountaineers playing pro basketball for now. is planned for 2018.

I greatly appreciate all of your support through the past six years and for following along with us on this journey.

Thank you and have a Happy New Year.

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